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Commissioning a piece of jewellery can be a fantastic way to create a significant gift or a personal memento that is layered with meaning and tailored to suit the individual. The process and the piece can be as simple or as complex as you’d like.

As each piece of jewellery is handmade it’s possible to customize shape, colour, content, size, length, metals, stones and motifs.

I offer a great many existing designs that can be made up to your own specifications and this is a really effective means of commissioning pieces within a reasonable price and time framework

Made to order pieces.....

There are several pieces in the shop which are listed as being made to order and customisations, such as adding your own names, dates or lines of poetry, sizing to suit are available as options during the online ordering process.
These personalised items are not any more expensive than their counterparts that are already made, but please allow a couple of weeks for the pieces to be made and delivered.I'm always happy to answer queries around lettering, colourways, motifs as tweaks on the original design are usually possible, so please do get in touch


Made to order


I regularly make rings to order in a wide variety of shapes and sizes- ranging from statement rings to wedding bands. Getting your finger size right is key. Its easy to have your fingers sized in any high street Jewellers- or I can post out a sizer band upon request. I prefer- where possible- to also have a homemade loop to work from when remote sizing has been done as sizers can really vary- as can finger size depending on the temperature.

Wedding rings

My hammer textured wedding bands are perfect for couples who want something handmade and unique but classic for their wedding. They are available in any gold and any size- the hammered surface and shaping is always unique

 I'm happy to make gold bands, ring sets and gold and enamel ring groupings to order.

I can make and design in all sizes - please allow around six weeks for me to create your bespoke wedding band. We can communicate easily via zoom, emails and photographs of work in progress.


Ive made many wedding rings over the years and they've varied as much as the people wearing them- contact me

if you would like to discuss your ideas

As well as the listed made to order pieces it is generally possible to either adapt an existing piece or work from elements of jewellery shown in the slideshow galleries. A  slightly more complex commissioning process involves creating a piece (or pieces) of jewellery based on ideas, themes or materials that are more specifically personal .The result is a completely unique and meaningful piece of jewellery, but it will be a lengthier and possibly costlier process.The best route is to email me outlining what youre interested in and I can get back with how it might work, a guideline price and a timeline.​

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