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This is a silver ring with ridged and contoured marking- giving it great surface texture. It's light and simple to wear- lying flat on the finger with a thickness of about 1-2mm. The width of the band varies ranging from about 2.5-4 mm and the lip ( or rim) follows the shape of the contoured texture rather than being perfectly straight. It's very Unisex - and not fragile- something you could swim in


I'm very happy to resize this piece- Please just make a note of your preferred size with your order. I tend to make these totally one off pieces on the larger side  so that the larger fingered folk- including men - can wear them and they can always size down

The ring is already made and the textures and shapes are as is.


Size T UK, Europe 19.75, US  9.75, diameter 21mm

Rugged silver ocean ring- size T

SKU: R13
  • This jewellery ships boxed, ribboned and wrapped in lovely packaging made from 100% recycled materials. It posts out in a padded envelope (also recycled) with information about the maker as well as care, returns, refunds and contact details

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