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This is a handmade bangle with two silver bands and moveable elements in Sterling Silver with washes of translucent enamels over deep natural textures and shaping. The colours are a range of sea greens and blues and the different bands have beautiful organic marking and shaping with the colour deep in the crevices. The bangle bands are very textured with hammering, and also not quite a perfect circle- I want my pieces to look handmade. The moveable pieces are thick with surface contouring- either plain silver or layered enamel. There are two silver bands with a short Aiken fragment reading ' And stars hung under a sea'

All of the elements move freely on the bands when the piece is worn and the range of shapes, thicknesses, colour and texture create an attractive, layered look . This bracelet is hallmarked as Sterling Silver and is medium size with a 6.5 cm diameter.

The measurements listed are for the internal wall diameter- please read the section below for sizing as everyone seems to over estimate. This piece can be sized down- or possibly up


This is a completely unique piece handmade in my studio

Stars hung under a sea double bangle

SKU: B15
  • The best way to measure size is using an existing bangle and taking the internal wall diameter. Failing that a wrist and hand measurement s good. For the hand measurement squish fingers together to make the knuckles as narrow as possible as though squeezing on a bangle. The 3rd option is to just guess from the following range of sizes : Extra small 5.5cm, Small 6cm, Medium 6.5cm, Large 7cm, Extra large 7.5 cm

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