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I am happy to repair any pieces of my work and there is a nominal charge only for this service, unless the piece is new and the fault is mine, in which case there is no charge. I am also happy to clean, re-enamel or make alterations to an older piece, again for a small fee. Please send your jewellery 1st class recorded to the studio address (below) so that it can be tracked and enclose details of what you would like done, as well as your name and address. Please send me an e mail so that I know to expect your parcel. Allow somewhere in the area of a month for your piece to be returned and PLEASE do not chase me for it. Work flow is a factor in time frames and it is better to send in at off peak times-

I will email an invoice once your piece has been returned (and you are happy with it) and payments can be made by BACS or Paypal or a payment link from my website

I don't repair, refurbish or clean pieces made by other jeweller's- most high street jewellers will and I would recommend this route


​Daisy Dunlop Jewellery
8 Commercial road, Hayle,
Cornwall, TR27 4DG

Please include your contact details in anything you send
Please include measurements if they are needed
Please allow somewhere in the region of a month for your repair/refurb (its often quicker)




Most of the above applies to sending pieces in for resizing too. Please provide as many measurements as possible.

Measuring from an existing piece is the best route but all forms of measurement are a bonus. For ring sizing it is really helpful to make a wire or pipe cleaner loop in your perfect fit as their are ( weirdly) often discrepancies between Ring Sizers. For bangles please read the sizing section on the bangle product pages

I generally wont charge for a bangle or a ring to be resized for the 1st time- but may ask for a donation for any further changes

Cleaning your jewellery

 Silver and gold can be cleaned very well using warm water, a little mild detergent and a tooth brush. Try and keep stones out of the water wherever possible..
Equally a steel or brass brush can be very good as the pieces tend to have a 'scratched' matte finish rather than a high polish one. I use the really little ones that come in car cleaning ( or similar) kits at high street hardware shops. It will give a slightly 'brushed' finish at the same time as polishing it up.
Polishing cloths are also fine- be mindful that they cause black residue all over your fingers. Polishing cloths, such as the 'town talk' brand are really effective. I sometimes use them in combination with the other techniques.
I'm happy for the pieces to get sent in for a clean also and there is a small fee for this- just get in touch before you send them

Enamel care

The enamel should be kept away from extreme heat sources as this can discolour it.
It's important to remember that it's glass and to treat it as such, avoiding hard surfaces and knocks as fragments can chip off over time.
I am very happy to clean and restore older pieces as items that take a lot of knocks- particularily bangles- will experience a gradual loss of layers of enamel. I will clean the silver and re- enamel the componants- please get in touch requesting a refurb if you would like me to do this.
Avoid exposing your enamel jewellery to too much sea water and hot shower water as these elements will weaken the bond to the metal

Resin care

 Resin components can crack or fissure quite easily with hard knocks. I am happy to repair and refurbish cracked pieces wherever possible but please treat the jewellery kindly.
Direct sunlight over time can cause yellowing in the castings
If your cast pieces have become matte over time they can be brought to a shine with baby oil or any similar moisturising oil as these will replicate the skins oils. If they are being worn all the time the skin's oils will take care of this

The bio resins will sometimes soften in heat but as soon as they cool again they will reharden


It is best that the piece you wish to return is returned to the place where it was purchased. With both the Guild and the website I have a no questions asked returns policy for 14 days following purchase. If the item is a gift I am happy to have a far longer returns window, and will do my best to accommodate any problems arising from buying for someone else.
Exceptions are always made in the instance of their being a fault in the piece in which case I will offer to rework the fault or a full refund.

Price list

Restring and clean Bracelet £15

Restring and clean Necklace £25

Re enamelling elements and clean £10-£20

Metal jewellery clean £5

Silver or gold chain mending £5

Earring match £15


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