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The Bracelets on this page are all handmade one of a kind pieces- made by me- in my studio.

They are made from Gold, Sterling Silver or Precious and Semi-Precious stone and are detailed with Enamel, Gold as well as text and textures.


 Some of these pieces are already made, but can generally be adjusted. For made to order pieces please provide measurements and allow up to 2 weeks for making and delivery. All metals are silver or gold and everything is handmade in my studio.

Bracelets that are already made (and ready to post)

Here are the bracelets that are already made and ready to post from my studio-

- Please get in touch if you have any questions about your size, resizing and so on- I'm happy to help

All Gold Bracelets

Here is a selection of all gold bracelets that are either already made (but can be resized) or can be made to order.

All of my gold bracelets are made from recycled gold and made by hand, by me, in my studio.

The Making

Strangely Bracelets were the thing I made the least of initially- I think because the casting resin I used could shatter with contact as it aged- and Bracelets are a high contact form of jewellery. I also just wasnt that interested in them and Im not sure when that changed. I first really connected with them in terms of the lettering- making bangles and link bracelets with quite intense amounts of words. Over the years they became softer and more decorative- warm golds and the colours of enamels- as I realised that bracelets, unlike necklaces and earrings, are primarily seen by the person wearing it. I really like that that I have made so many custom pieces over the years- knowing that the wearer can see the piece as thet wear it, knowing the lines of text and other details they chose.

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