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Beautiful and original one of a kind rings made by hand in my studio. All rings are made with Silver or Gold and some are detailed with precious stones, enamel or a contrasting metal. Many can be resized or made to order and this will be detailed next to each image in the gallery. Most recently I've been working on very textured gold and silver bands ( ideal for swimming in) and some new stoneset pieces combining different colours in rugged, organic shapes.

Lower on the page there are seperately grouped galleries for Silver, Enamel and Gold rings.

Sizing- I am very happy to resize all resizeable rings. It is very helpful to provide a standard measurement from whichever system your Country uses ( numbers/letters) as well as a diameter and circumferance of an existing ring. I find that ring sizers vary in size- as do fingers on different days- and the more measurements the better!


Silver, Gold and Stoneset

Enamelled rings....

Enamelled rings are made from Sterling silver and the enamel is then layered on top. These pieces cannot be resized due to the relationship between heat and enamel but Im always happy to make a piece to order- Please get in touch with any questions

Gold Rings

Here's a selection of gold rings (or ringsets) that are already made or avaiable to order in my shop. Some of them can work beautifully as wedding rings others are great to add into a stack and all of them are individually made. My gold rings are known for their organic contours and textured, light catching bands- Please get in touch if you have any questions about your size, resizing and so on.