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On the North Coast of Cornwall

Made by Hand

 Daisy Dunlop is a designer Jeweller who works from her studio in Hayle, Cornwall

She primarily works with gold, silver, bio resin, enamel, precious and semi-precious stones to create layered, handmade one of a kind pieces. Her jewellery designs are characterised by soft, organic shapes, rich colours, undersea motifs and strands of writing that run through the work. A love of experimentation through the years has given rise to a range of artisan jewellery that is both beautiful and original.


The jewellery is hand made in my studio and each piece is an absolute one of a kind. I work with a wide range of materials and techniques because I like to produce work that is dense with layered texture, colour and content. I am always working on new jewellery designs and my work has had many incarnations over the years. I feel just as engaged with the making process as I did when I set up my business in 2003 and Its very important to me that I remain creative and work on new ideas. In the online shop there is a selection of handmade jewellery combining already made pieces with those that can be made to order.